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Teaser Park: Kingdoms of Good and Evil (Part 3)

For all of you Kozmaheads out there keeping track, I’m working again on KINGDOMS OF GOOD AND EVIL.  It’s a fantasy novel, and I’m thinking of it as an adult novel (as opposed to the last two novels, both striving … Continue reading

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On Writing Derailments (and Kittens as the Cause Thereof)

Last week I finished up epilogue-ing THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE OF JOSEPH WUNDERKIND and I’d totally give you a sample here except for the fact that it would be the ultimate in spoilers.  Instead, I give you kittens. There, now that … Continue reading

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NWARRRRLP Month is [Long] Complete! And a poem is born!

Though it maybe too early to tell whether the poem will live a long and fruitful life. As you know, poems are very delicate in the early stages of their lives and go through many changes, some sudden and drastic, … Continue reading

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